Dear Sir / Madam,

Today we received the information that unknown persons used our company details to purchase goods from Holland.

However the unknown persons used a mobile number and e-mail address not related to our company.

Our company already filed a police report against unknown persons and place this announcement to try to avoid further frauds.

If you receive any inquiry in the name of our company please note following phone numbers, e-mail addresses and fax number is used by our company.

Central Fax number: 0036-1-788-9298

General Manager:
Mr. Ottó Radics
Speaking English
Manager of commerce:
Mr. Károly Nagy
Speaking French
Brand manager:
Mrs Ágnes Nagy
Speaking English
Central e-mail address:

Our company has the financial possibility to pay for our suppliers in advance after verifying our suppliers (personal visit, embassy verification etc.). Therefore we suggest first payment method as payment in advance with discount. Only in longer business cooperation we work with credit insurance after certain deliveries when we mutually know each other more.

Please note that only our General Manager is authorized to sign any contract in our company name. We prefer before any contract a personal visit or Skype conference.

Please if you note that somebody trying to establish business cooperation in our company name not using above contact numbers or e-mail addresses do not sign any contract and do not establish any business cooperation. Please immediately notify your local police department and also our company on the above contact details.

If any changes in above contacts we will refresh this page.